my looksheet for spring suit 2011.

cheatsheet_spring_11 by wiremommy
cheatsheet_spring_11, a photo by wiremommy on Flickr.

1. lines and necklines. 1891.

2. sleeves. 1892.

3. shape of the waist, 1891

4. green! peacock feathers!

5. necklines.1891

6. hat, skirt, waist… basically the entire ensemble. a dinner dress from, you guessed it, 1891. (it’s Worth, of course.)

7. ballgowns, 1891. sleeves, skirt shapes.

8. more 1891 ballgowns.

9. i just liked the lines of this. 1891.

10. i had lots and lots of peacock swords to use up, and you basically have three choices: blue, green, and bronze. i’m doing bronze for fall, and i don’t wear blue very often at all, and i love green.

11. the Ur-Peacock dress: Beardsley’s version of Salomé.

12. more fantasy inspiration. she’s used eyes, which i don’t like as well as swords, but the whole picture looks great.

13. an 1892 czarist dinner dress.

14. a (very fashion-forward!) day dress from 1890. looking at the lines of the skirt, bodice and peplum, and sleeves.

there you have it. next up’ll be my summer suit, and that’s going to be a bit edwardian. garden parties, ho!


2 thoughts on “my looksheet for spring suit 2011.

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