with Elf Commandant

Untitled by wiremommy
Untitled, a photo by wiremommy on Flickr.

decent shot of the entire ensemble.

what i’ll do next is run a ruching of dark green velvet along the bottom edge of the skirt, above the fringe.

this entire suit is upcycled. the skirt came from one thrift dress, the jacket from another, the corset from a third. the rest is bits and pieces of one of those three, excepting the jacket lining, which i used a green brocade from an old tablecloth for – the silk velvet just didn’t have enough body on its own.

i also purposely chose a pattern which had similarities of line to certain late-30’s garments i’ve seen, for the jacket. all of the trim is removable – it all attaches with snaps. yes, snaps. i can wear this jacket with a bias-cut green evening dress which has very 30s lines, and fit right in at any event where that would be meet.

here’s a closeup of my mesmerizing contraptulator:

video of Yours In The Worst Way by Rebecca of danceswithpitbulls.blogspot.com/ .

it’s my carry box-slash-henchmen auto-recruiter. a lot of the time when i do steampunk, i don’t have a decent carryall – just various types of pouch belts, and those never carry enough. i finally had it and decided i wanted a purse. and here it is.


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