The Graphics Fairy: Victorian Fashion

i did not realize that Karen over at The Graphics Fairy, that wonderful purveyor of free downloadable graphics, has an entire label devoted to original victorian ephemera.

The Graphics Fairy: Victorian Fashion

you can see it here:
The Graphics Fairy: Victorian Fashion


Effervescent Brain Salt

…and other nostrums, rostrums, bromides, snake oils, patent medicines and every sort of historical quackery, from Time Out Of Mind.



from one of my favorite blogs, The Quack Doctor.

i think this would make a nice ornament for my psychologist friends, if i had a few days to recreate a couple of them, and good aging practice for me.

The Modern Mourner






there is NOTHING about this that i do not love. whoever this is, i want to swoon at his or her feet.

The Modern Mourner.














PBS Arts : H.M.S Pinafore: Costume Sketches


on a more positive note, i quite like this shop:

Silhouettes Prints Ephemera Original Arts & by BarkingMadArts



very much.


the Boyfriend [apparel item] trend



it’s been around longer than you think.

Time Traveling in the Steampunk Subway

Arts et Métiers Metro stop

via Time Traveling in the Steampunk Subway.

what an unspeakably amazing place.  not just for a photo shoot, either.



…. screw you, Paris.

Mantua Maker

i’ll take one of  these

and one of these

and one of these

oh, so dangerous.

guerrilla advertising, tricycle-style

Artistic Dress, wisconsin-style

authentic nineteenth-century patterns based on authentic garments from the state historical society of Wisconsin’s historical garment collection. might be nice for a late fall piece, perhaps with a Mucha-esque headdress. oh, Rossetti!

in other news, still working on a looksheet for my summer ensemble and trying not to get distracted by Le Pacte des Loups.

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