Dita, perfume debut, vintage 40’s

this is Dita in a beautiful late 40’s Howard Greer gown.


she’s at a cocktail reception for the launch of her new parfum, Femme Totale – which nom i hope is, at least in part, a vicious mockery of that horrible 1970’s evangelical monstrosity, The Total Woman.

it just fits her as if it were made for her. just a beautiful picture. i can’t imagine Mr. Greer could possibly be more pleased.

she purchased it from our divine friends at Dorothea’s Closet fine vintage clothing, in beautiful downtown Des Moines! we’re so excited for them.

just a match made by the divine intervention of whatever powers be what control and dispense timeless beauty and feminine elegance.

check out the shop and find yourself something beautiful:



and their scrumptious little little artisanal hat boutique:



Infamous Women Paper Dolls

Dear Internet,

if you loved me,

you would buy me this.






Infamous Women Paper Dolls

cigarette girls, looksheet

cheatsheet1 by wiremommy
cheatsheet1, a photo by wiremommy on Flickr.

as my volunteer contribution for the Boulder 1940s WWII Ball, i’m costuming three cigarette girls.

there were certain technical hurdles. i’m basically reproducing – reiterating? – the costumes from last year… based on three pictures – the girls in burgundy, there in the center.

except i have no model measurements, so these must be able to fit basically anyone of any shape or size. it’s an interesting technical challenge to adapt my patterns that way, since the garments are actually structured garments that are meant to look fitted.

at least the hats are easy peasy. ^_^ and ADORABIBBLE.

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