Curved Wire Hats – Richard Burbridge Vogue Italia




i love everything about the idea of using extremely industrial materials to fashion a deconstructed cartwheel, picture hat, or even bergĂ©re. which ought to be readily recognizable from the silhouette alone if it’s done right.

i think the idea lends itself readily to steampunk and neovictorian applications.

Curved Wire Hats – Richard Burbridge Vogue Italia Editorial Features a Rainbow of Mixed Fashion (GALLERY).


Infamous Women Paper Dolls

Dear Internet,

if you loved me,

you would buy me this.






Infamous Women Paper Dolls

melanie bilenker jewelry | chatelaine

melanie bilenker jewelry | chatelaine.



i absolutely love this. i don’t know exactly what i’d do with it other than wear it and love it – it’s definitely an art piece – but it’s just amazing.

miz bilenker makes modern, exquisitely beautiful hair jewelry.


i’ll never be able to afford any of it.

Mantua [English] (…bizarre?)

Mantua [English] (1991.6.1a,b) | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History | The Metropolitan Museum of Art.


why are they calling names at this gown? it’s just a mantua. gees.

if they think *this* is bizarre, apparently nobody over at MMA has ever seen the Eye and Ear Cloak:


yes. sidetracked again, while looking for one, just one, JUST ONE example of those freaky 1640-1645 forehead plaque things those crazy german chicks were sporting, so i can explicate why they kind of break my heart.


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