PBS Arts : H.M.S Pinafore: Costume Sketches

PBS Arts : H.M.S Pinafore: Costume Sketches.


Infamous Women Paper Dolls

Dear Internet,

if you loved me,

you would buy me this.






Infamous Women Paper Dolls

just the lines, ma’am



an extinct etsy listing found on Kaboodle. the lines of this hit me like a revelation.

Mantua Maker

i’ll take one of  these

and one of these

and one of these

oh, so dangerous.


being  a brief and almost excruciatingly oversimplified recent history of lines in dress.


i’m not sure where “if style could kill” khyped it from. knowing the icanhascheez ripoff specialist empire, they’ll probably never give credit. so, if you happen to know, let me know and i’ll fix it.


bb6ba91f-5c19-492d-bb75-bfc679e72f0d.jpg JPEG Image, 917×744 pixels.

‘Parisian Collapsing Princess’ or ‘Queen Victoria’

‘Parisian Collapsing Princess’ or ‘Queen Victo… on Twitpic.

hat tip to VictorianLondon. whom you should follow, if you don’t already.

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