Vogue Italia September 2011


i know i’m reposting a lot of vogue italia lately, but i’m running across a lot of design influences that strike me as remarkably neovictorian lately. like this – apply the standard anti-couture-calculated-insanity filter, use accessible, everyday materials, and it becomes quite wearable.




Bewitching Beauty Editorials – The Vogue Italia September 2011 Photo Shoot is Full of Dark Wonder (GALLERY)


Infamous Women Paper Dolls

Dear Internet,

if you loved me,

you would buy me this.






Infamous Women Paper Dolls


on a more positive note, i quite like this shop:

Silhouettes Prints Ephemera Original Arts & by BarkingMadArts



very much.


things to make yourself

i like the Frenzy ladies – i met them both at Anomnomcon – but this is ridiculous.






it’s not that it’s a dumb idea – i’ve got two i made myself, and they *are* warm if you add a little more coverage front and back – but as i recall, mine couldn’t possibly have taken more than around five or six dollars in supplies, and it’s the kind of thing you can crochet while you’re watching tv in an evening.
not to mention that there have to be hundreds of free patterns available for similar things on the internet, many of them highly adaptable if you want to recreate this exact item; many of them are better to start with (i like that last one, myself). use a slender-gauge yarn if you don’t like the chunkiness factor, or combine two yarns for the variegated effect. use different buttons, or more buttons, or some other kind of closure like knot toggles.

but, Miss N, you squeal. I cannot crochet or knit!
never fear, reader, go to Hancock’s and get yourself half a yard of polar fleece. it probably takes a quarter yard to make one of these, double-thick and topstitched. how much does that and thirty minutes at the sewing machine cost you?

i wish *i* could get paid $45 an hour, don’t you?

Frenzy Universe. Victorian Scarflet Ruffle Neck Warmer – Pink and Pearl.

the Boyfriend [apparel item] trend



it’s been around longer than you think.

just the lines, ma’am



an extinct etsy listing found on Kaboodle. the lines of this hit me like a revelation.

Mantua Maker

i’ll take one of  these

and one of these

and one of these

oh, so dangerous.

Alexander McQueen in All His Dark Glory – NYTimes.com

disregard the sisterly schmaltz and you have something i really want to see.

Alexander McQueen in All His Dark Glory – NYTimes.com.

Cycling Dress [1897 advert]



this. everything about this.

except for the fact that i will never look good in cycling dress. or any kind of Dress Reform-anything which has Leg O’Mutton Sleeves Of Death.

other than that, THIS.

The New Victorians | PLASTICLAND

The New Victorians | PLASTICLAND.









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