The Graphics Fairy: Victorian Fashion

i did not realize that Karen over at The Graphics Fairy, that wonderful purveyor of free downloadable graphics, has an entire label devoted to original victorian ephemera.

The Graphics Fairy: Victorian Fashion

you can see it here:
The Graphics Fairy: Victorian Fashion


Happy Halloween!

a horribly dangerous Edwardian torture game! brought to you by the charming yet enigmatic collector of vintage holiday cards, RiptheSkull.

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Effervescent Brain Salt

…and other nostrums, rostrums, bromides, snake oils, patent medicines and every sort of historical quackery, from Time Out Of Mind.



from one of my favorite blogs, The Quack Doctor.

i think this would make a nice ornament for my psychologist friends, if i had a few days to recreate a couple of them, and good aging practice for me.

guerrilla advertising, tricycle-style

Cycling Dress [1897 advert]



this. everything about this.

except for the fact that i will never look good in cycling dress. or any kind of Dress Reform-anything which has Leg O’Mutton Sleeves Of Death.

other than that, THIS.

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