Curved Wire Hats – Richard Burbridge Vogue Italia




i love everything about the idea of using extremely industrial materials to fashion a deconstructed cartwheel, picture hat, or even bergĂ©re. which ought to be readily recognizable from the silhouette alone if it’s done right.

i think the idea lends itself readily to steampunk and neovictorian applications.

Curved Wire Hats – Richard Burbridge Vogue Italia Editorial Features a Rainbow of Mixed Fashion (GALLERY).


my hat’s got a bird skull

Untitled by wiremommy
Untitled, a photo by wiremommy on Flickr.

i went somewhere between 1890s riding hats and 1770s for this hat. also see Looksheet #6, the Worth dinner dress.

i can’t remember what kind of bird this skull belongs to.

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