The Graphics Fairy: Victorian Fashion

i did not realize that Karen over at The Graphics Fairy, that wonderful purveyor of free downloadable graphics, has an entire label devoted to original victorian ephemera.

The Graphics Fairy: Victorian Fashion

you can see it here:
The Graphics Fairy: Victorian Fashion


interesting construction idea.

not sure what era exactly this is supposed to be, although it looks rather Edwardian to me.


renegade effects group.

Vogue Italia September 2011


i know i’m reposting a lot of vogue italia lately, but i’m running across a lot of design influences that strike me as remarkably neovictorian lately. like this – apply the standard anti-couture-calculated-insanity filter, use accessible, everyday materials, and it becomes quite wearable.




Bewitching Beauty Editorials – The Vogue Italia September 2011 Photo Shoot is Full of Dark Wonder (GALLERY)

1929,fishtail evening gowns, gorgeous






1929,fishtail evening gowns, gorgeous | Flickr – Photo Sharing!.

fall makes me want to do a Perle Von Mauren shoot. (of course, so does spring). but it *is* Halloween time, so i’ve got that excuse as well.
these gowns are just about right as far as lines go. just needs to be black satin.  perhaps with one of the little draped-brim -style cloches that became popular around the time of Black Friday:


perhaps with one of those filmy circular short veils they used to drape over the stranger-brimmed hats, since it’s explicitly stated she’s veiled – but it *is* a little more contemporary a note than i imagine would be worn by an extremely refined lady predator who’s been in enforced seclusion since the close of WWI.

i just don’t want to go with the early 20’s; the streamlined look doesn’t sit well on me.

this lady has a lot of antique pattern images on her flickr set, as an aside, if you have a little time to kill:

and the second one does every imaginable kind of vintage fashion. s/he’s the sort of collector i only wish i had the time to be and her collection is absolutely marvellous. organized by designer, model, era, label, and style. comprehensive and an awesome resource. check it out if you have A LOT of time to kill.

Fort mit dir, Johann!

Dita, perfume debut, vintage 40’s

this is Dita in a beautiful late 40’s Howard Greer gown.


she’s at a cocktail reception for the launch of her new parfum, Femme Totale – which nom i hope is, at least in part, a vicious mockery of that horrible 1970’s evangelical monstrosity, The Total Woman.

it just fits her as if it were made for her. just a beautiful picture. i can’t imagine Mr. Greer could possibly be more pleased.

she purchased it from our divine friends at Dorothea’s Closet fine vintage clothing, in beautiful downtown Des Moines! we’re so excited for them.

just a match made by the divine intervention of whatever powers be what control and dispense timeless beauty and feminine elegance.

check out the shop and find yourself something beautiful:

and their scrumptious little little artisanal hat boutique:

Infamous Women Paper Dolls

Dear Internet,

if you loved me,

you would buy me this.






Infamous Women Paper Dolls


on a more positive note, i quite like this shop:

Silhouettes Prints Ephemera Original Arts & by BarkingMadArts



very much.


the Boyfriend [apparel item] trend



it’s been around longer than you think.

Cycling Dress [1897 advert]



this. everything about this.

except for the fact that i will never look good in cycling dress. or any kind of Dress Reform-anything which has Leg O’Mutton Sleeves Of Death.

other than that, THIS.

summer suit inspiration

i’ve finished my spring suit – i’ll put up images later – and i know what i want to do for fall, but i think for summer i may want to go with something light and transitionally edwardian like this:

it’s a portrait i got for three dollars in Lyons, Colorado,  at an antique store whose name i never got, which was staffed by the biggest asshole it’s ever been my misfortune to run into in the context of antique store staff. click for large res – the detail is fantastic. all that pintucking and ornate brushbinding!

it’s clear, too, that she’s not wearing extreme stays in the pigeonbreast, “sylphide” style, but is letting the lines of the garments form the silhouette for her. this might be because it’s transitional; there’s nothing to really suggest an emancipation waist, or that this lady was a proponent of rational dress…. but she certainly looks like a serious and sensible young woman, doesn’t she?

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