Happy Halloween!

a horribly dangerous Edwardian torture game! brought to you by the charming yet enigmatic collector of vintage holiday cards, RiptheSkull.

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How To Buy Elegant Spectacles In The 1950s

How To Buy Elegant Spectacles In The 1950s (via Jezebel), circa 1955.

i already have a number of cateye frames – even my everyday glasses are vintage cateyes. this is very cute, though, and one must agree that it *would* be nice to have a little personal assistance from someone who knows about facial shapes and complementary frames.

personally, i feel the style goes very well with a more or less neovictorian wardrobe, as long as the lines of one’s garments are streamlined and not overly fussy.

there was some discussion between Your Diarist and a vintage-loving friend about the relative merits of costuming as Aurore Interligator, for Halloween, or whatever. I feel she’s an excellent example of someone who pulls off cateye frames with a non-era-specific wardrobe, although of course the entire package was calculated as part of her characterization.

she is, of course, mad as a hatter, although it’s a product of an intense gaslighting campaign.
it would actually be a challenging costuming job; to really put the point across, you’d have to build some kind of chryselephantinely complex rubegoldbergian suicide machine, and it would have to be the kind of thing you could take around with you, so it’d have to be attached, portable, AND noninterfering. that’s a bit of a tall order, but it’s fun to contemplate.

if you haven’t seen Delicatessen, i recommend it. it’s a predecessor and companion piece to Micmacs a Tiré-Largot, my other Jeunet favorite. both are dystopian movies, although both manage to convey that uniquely French whimsical light-heartedness, and both are beautifully costumed.

Dita, perfume debut, vintage 40’s

this is Dita in a beautiful late 40’s Howard Greer gown.


she’s at a cocktail reception for the launch of her new parfum, Femme Totale – which nom i hope is, at least in part, a vicious mockery of that horrible 1970’s evangelical monstrosity, The Total Woman.

it just fits her as if it were made for her. just a beautiful picture. i can’t imagine Mr. Greer could possibly be more pleased.

she purchased it from our divine friends at Dorothea’s Closet fine vintage clothing, in beautiful downtown Des Moines! we’re so excited for them.

just a match made by the divine intervention of whatever powers be what control and dispense timeless beauty and feminine elegance.

check out the shop and find yourself something beautiful:



and their scrumptious little little artisanal hat boutique:


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